Our Colombian coffee is comprised of small lots delivered by farmers who belong to a number of small associations located in Huila, Colombia. The coffees that make up this single origin blend must meet rigorous physical characteristics and deliver a consistent flavor profile. Producing specialty coffee of this quality is more labor intensive and requires greater dedication than the production of commodity grade coffee. It is only fair that the farmers we work with in Colombia be paid a healthy premium in recognition of their efforts.

During the 2020 harvest season, the average price paid to coffee farmers in Colombia varied significantly from 886,161 to 1,175,566 Colombian pesos per carga (one carga being 125 kilograms of coffee). The coffee farmers who contribute to this lot are paid fixed prices - as opposed to prices that fluctuate with the Commodities Market, as is typical in Colombia. Producers who delivered to this lot were paid 1,344,639 Colombian Pesos per carga of coffee.