Producer Spotlight: Divino Niño

By Kyle Sollenberger

From day one, Necessary has existed to connect as many coffee lovers as possible with beautiful, easy-drinking coffees that have been purchased fairly and sustainably.⁠

The Cooperativo Divino Niño del Horizonte is a group of 42 coffee producers who live near the municipality of Suaza in southern Huila, Colombia. Our sister company Passenger Coffee & Tea began buying coffee from this community back in 2018 and we realized quite quickly that this was a uniquely dedicated group of producers who were consistently delivering coffees of truly excellent quality. Since our start as a roasting company, we have purchased all the coffee that is presented as Necessary Colombia, as well as 50% of the Necessary Blend, from the Divino Niño producer group.⁠

Again and again, in conversations with coffee farmers around the world, we hear them say that perhaps the chief concern on their minds is whether they will have a buyer committed to paying a fair price for all of their coffee, on an on-going basis. Selling a small percentage of their harvest at a high price but not having a buyer for the rest is not a viable business model. Selling an entire harvest at a good price but not having a buyer for the next harvest is not a viable business model.⁠

We continue to build our partnership with the producers of Divino Niño in the interest of continuing to offer stable, ongoing, and fair prices for the vast majority of the coffee they produce each year. The group is growing and expects to swell to 50 members in the near future. The coffees are tasting better every year. ⁠

The future is bright indeed!