Dark Roast

Tastes Like bittersweet cocoamolasses

A Necessary take on the classic Dark Roast style. A bold and smoky coffee that supports broader buying from coffee farmers.


Tastes Like chocolatebrown sugar

From producing partners that consistently present every day flavors, great quality coffee, and create a sustainable business.


Tastes Like berriesmolasses

Small farms receive agricultural support and process through our partner to showcase this vibrant and beautiful country.


Tastes Like caramelcooked peach

Community support and commitment to improving farmer livelihoods. Exceptional beans from the birthplace of coffee for you


Tastes Like toasted nutscooked fruit

Fixed prices and healthy premiums encourage quality production from over 50 family farms.


Tastes Like chocolate molasses

Cleanly processed at origin and roasted to highlight the flavors of Colombia.