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We are passionate about our supply chain and believe in the importance of creating good partnerships on both ends.


At Necessary we work with producing partners that create a positive impact in their community. We pay prices far above the global coffee market price in an attempt to incentivize producers to cultivate specialty coffee and develop sustainable farming practices.

The majority of our relationships go back multiple years. Though Necessary was founded in 2019, our sister company, Passenger, has existed since 2014. During countless trips to coffee producing countries, our sourcing team has been presented with the same question over and over, "what will it take for you to buy more of our crop." Necessary was created to answer this question — to be a home for these delicious coffees that present the everyday flavors most coffee consumers look for.

We work as directly as possible with our producer partners, ensuring that we are knowledgeable of how and where the price paid for the coffee is broken down. We seek to buy coffees that our partners were not able to sell to the high-end specialty market, but are excellent quality and deserve a price premium above market prices.


On the other side, we aim to partner with Stockists who understand the value in paying good prices for good quality. We seek strong business partners who put great care into creating undeniably satisfying experiences for their customers and guests.

The goal of Necessary is not to present the most exotic or unique coffee flavor profiles in the world - that is where our sister company, Passenger, excels. The goal of Necessary is to support a healthy and equitable supply chain and to provide consistently excellent coffees that present flavors that we can all enjoy.

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